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 Enjoy Nature

Iga is located in a basin surrounded by nature-rich mountains on all four sides, allowing you to see beautiful natural sceneries that change with each season.
Escape the unrelenting bustle of the city and spend a moment of peace in the tranquility of nature.

An Agricultural Park for a Food Brand Representing Mie Prefecture

Iga no Sato Mokumoku Tezukuri Farm is an agricultural park located in the Nishiyubune area of Iga. Originally a ham processing plant founded by a group of pig farmers in Iga, Mokumoku is now one of the most prominent food brands in Mie Prefecture.


Play with Animals on a Vast Site Three Times the Size of the Tokyo Dome

Mokumoku Farm has a place called the Small Leisurely Learning Ranch where you can have fun learning while interacting with livestock animals as well as a facility where you can try your hand at farming, offering fun for children and adults alike.


Outdoor Hot Spring Bath Mokumoku no Yu

A hot spring facility created in a natural mountain environment. Both the men’s and women’s areas each feature a large indoor bath area, two open-air spring water baths, and the Mokumoku Bath that changes with the season.
Having some Jersey milk after your bath is an absolute must!



Adress 3609 Nishiyubune,Iga City,Mie
Contact TEL:(+81)595-43-0909

Aoyama Highlands

Panoramic Views of Muro-Akame-Aoyama Quasi-National Park

Experience panoramic views of Ise Bay at Aoyama Highlands, a plateau towering along the border between the cities of Tsu and Iga.
Also referred to as “the Karuizawa of Kansai”, the Aoyama Highlands are a great location for a scenic drive packed with stunning views.
With scenic nature hikes and Okuyama Gongen (Okuyama Atago Shrine), there is plenty to see and do.


Enjoy the Changes of the Seasons

The gently undulating plateau offers something to enjoy in all four seasons. In spring, clusters of andromedas and azaleas bloom en masse, followed by the small red blossoms of the nadeshiko. Fall brings the white spikes of silvergrass, while hoarfrost-covered trees can be seen in winter.


Visit a Renewable Power Generator in the Path of the Wind

Dozens of wind turbines for a large-scale wind power generator have been built near the summit, letting you get up close to them for a powerful sight to behold. You can also visit Kaze no Megumi no Yakata, a facility where you can have fun learning about renewable energy.



Adress Kachiji,Iga City,Mie
Contact TEL:(+81)595-52-5202

Menard Aoyama Resort

The Karuizawa of Kansai

This comprehensive relaxation resort is situated in the Aoyama Highlands in the city of Iga, Mie Prefecture. Located at an altitude of 600 meters, the wide range of facilities in the rich natural environment of the highlands include not only lodging, but also hot springs, beauty salons, golf courses, herb gardens, and creative workshops, providing a fulfilling, resort-style stay.


An Herb Garden with Nearly 300 Species on an Expansive Hillside

During the festival period, you can pick your own chamomile, lavender, sage, and other herbs and take them home with you.
Other seasonal flowers, including baby blue eyes, German chamomile, lavender, lilies, and sunflowers, can be seen here as well.
In July, the hydrangea garden opens, and hydrangeas sprawling across the mountain are a wonderful sight that can only be found here.
The lavender-flavored soft-serve ice cream, available only during the Lavender Festival, is a big hit with both men and women!


Replete Activities in a Rich Natural Environment

Natural Culture Village is a place where you can enjoy a variety of handcrafting activities in an elegant resort atmosphere.
Visitors can try their hand at various craft activities including pottery, herb dyeing, wreath-making, and miniature crafts using trees and berries harvested at the resort, all while surrounded by the lush greenery and fresh air of this elegant resort.



Adress 2356 Kiryu,Iga City,Mie
Contact TEL:(+81)595-54-1326

Iwakura Gorge Park

The Most Scenic Spots in Iga Viewed From a Suspension Bridge

Take in views of the springtime cherry blossoms and autumn leaves throughout the park with Iwakura Gorge in the Kizu River Valley to the northwest of Iga, Shianbashi Bridge, a suspension bridge in one of the most scenic spots in the city, and the Riverside Promenade along the river.

施設・備品が充実 地元人が愛する雨でも安心キャンプ場

A Fully Equipped Campsite Loved by Locals That Offers Peace of Mind Even in the Rain

Iwakura Gorge in the Kizu River Valley is a beautiful location for both cherry blossoms and fall foliage. The river, massive rocks, rapids, and pools provide a rich and varied natural environment. The vast park is home to a 118-meter-long suspension bridge, as well as an athletic field that is a big hit with kids, allowing a wide range of fun outdoor activities for both children and adults. A full lineup of equipment is available for rental, including tents, Dutch ovens, cooking utensils, and tableware. The reasonable pricing is also a nice touch.


Take in Views of Historical Landscapes

Downstream from the campground entrance is the ruins of a waterway built in 1904 for the Iwakura Hydroelectric Power Plant. Traces of the old power plant can be seen at the deepest reaches of the trail. The river is dotted with huge rocks, and the rapids and pools are all named, offering a richly varied landscape.
In particular, a large rock called Goten-iwa is said to be where the feudal lords of the Edo Period (1603-1867) played in the river and had their meals. A haiku monument to Basho is also located nearby.



Adress 6358-1 Nishitakakura,Iga City,Mie
Contact TEL:(+81)595-24-0146

 Tashiro Pond and Shirafuji Falls

Irrigation Water Hydrating the Farmlands of Iga

With a circumference of 4.3 km and a water storage capacity of 1.05 million tons, Tashiro Pond provides irrigation water to hydrate a wide area of farmland and also serves as a space to cool down in the summer and view lovely autumn foliage in late fall.
Shirafuji Falls, which pours down from Tashiro Pond, is a straight waterfall that offers captivating scenery.


A Scenic Fall Foliage Spot That's Also Cool in Summer

A great place to visit on hot days when you want to stay cool, Shirafuji Falls is also a popular spot for autumn foliage, where sceneries of green Japanese maple trees and the waterfall are popular among photographers. There is a red bridge along the mountain path that lets visitors view the waterfall from a variety of angles.
The roaring and splashing of the water is incredibly powerful when experienced up close. You may be tempted to watch the falls for a long time, but be warned that the temperature in the vicinity of the waterfall basin is low, so you may get cold if you stay there for too long.


A Place of Legends Told by the Locals

In fall the entire Takiyama Valley turns red with fall foliage, especially Shirafuji Falls, which boasts a 15-meter drop. While this waterfall once was 30 meters high, a flood in the Meiji Era (1868-1912) destroyed the mouth of the waterfall, making it its current height of 15 meters. Legend has it that, a long time ago, a brave warrior named Sadatsugu killed a giant lizard nearly 6.6 meters tall at Shirafuji Falls. The deity Fudo Myoo is also enshrined nearby.



Adress Yabata,Iga City,Mie

Amagatake Peak

The Highest Mountain in Iga

The highest stand-alone peak in Iga, the summit here offers views of Iga Basin to the north, Ise Bay to the east, and the Takami Mountains off in the distance to the south.
There are five small patches of flat land between the foot of the mountain and the summit, with names such as Shinohiro and Meiseihiro. There is a wide range of alpine plants on this mountain, and fossils have also been excavated here.


Stunning Views at the End of a Stoic Mountain Path

This peak can be found in Muro-Akame-Aoyama Quasi-National Park at the eastern end of the Muro volcano range. The steps along the way are steep, but the spectacular view that awaits you at the top is worth it.
This stoic mountain path involves going straight up a flight of stairs built with logs, so it only takes a relatively short time to reach the top.
The conical shape of the mountain and the view from its 957-meter-high summit, the highest peak in Iga, are beautiful sights to behold.


The "Mount Fuji of Iga"

The mountain viewed from Iga-Ueno Castle looks small because it is located on the southernmost border of Iga, but its shape resembles that of Mount Fuji, which is why it is nicknamed the Mount Fuji of Iga.
There are numerous Fuji-esque mountains throughout Japan. Iga is also home to other cone-shaped mountains, such as Mount Nangu in Ichinomiya, which is nicknamed “Little Fuji”.



Adress Takao,Iga City,Mie
Contact TEL:(+81)595-26-7788


A Popular Casual Mountain Climbing Course

Adorned with groups of stone Buddhas as well as clusters of andromedas and Japanese holly, this trail, which even novices can climb with ease, is popular.
As you approach the summit, you can see evergreen trees alongside the andromedas and Japanese holly. The adorable little white flowers at a touch of enjoyment to the trek.


A Prime Spot for Scenic Views of Iga Basin

This is a perfect location for overlooking Iga Basin, with its beautiful sceneries that change with the seasons. Interact with nature along the Tokai Nature Trail, which runs through the area and is bustling with hikers. The summit can be reached from Reizanji Temple, the starting point of the trail located midway up the mountain, can be reached in about one hour.


Reizanji Temple and a Natural Monument

Reizanji Temple was founded eons ago, and at the top of Mount Reizan (altitude 765.8 meters) is a large temple site (11,200 m²) dating from the Heian Period (794-1185) to the Edo Period (1603-1867), where the image of a standing Holy Kannon is enshrined.
The Mount Reizan Summit Ruins were designated as a Prefectural Historic Site on March 27, 1990. Stone Buddhas line the streets in the vicinity of Reizanji Temple, where you can also see the Ohatsuki ginkgo tree, which has been designated as a Natural Monument by the prefecture.



Adress Shimotsuge,Iga City,Mie

Hot Springs

A Hot Spring Resort Where You Can Rest Your Tired Body

In addition to the hot springs mentioned so far, there are several other hot spring resorts in Iga.
Have a relaxing soak in a hot spring bath to rejuvenate your body after a long day of exploring nature.


Shimagahara Hot Spring Resort Yabutcha no Yu

Enjoy a superbly relaxing experience by soaking in Bijin no Yu ("Spring of Beauty"), which contains 142 mg of metasilicate, a natural moisturizing ingredient that promotes metabolism and regulates ceramides.

Adress 13680 Shimagahara,Iga City,Mie
Contact TEL:(+81)595-59-3939
島ヶ原温泉 やぶっちゃの湯

Iga no Kuni Oyamada Hot Spring Resort Sarubino

Enjoy the relaxing sensation of bathing in natural hot spring water that flows freely from the source. The wood-scented Kesan no Yu and the stone Sasayuri no Yu baths can be enjoyed by men and women on alternating days.

Adress 2953 Kamiawa,Iga City,Mie
Contact TEL:(+81)595-48-0268
伊賀の国 大山田温泉 さるびの

Natural Hot Spring Basho no Yu

Hill Hotel Sunpia Iga is a hotel that boasts a natural hot spring, offering both Japanese- and Western-style baths with saunas and open-air baths for you to enjoy.
The spring water has wide-ranging health benefits, making it a popular choice among women.

Adress 2756-104 Saimyoji,Iga city,Mie
Contact TEL:(+81)595-24-7000
天然温泉 芭蕉の湯